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Massapequa Plumbing and Heating is produced by the Plumbing Regulators Forum on behalf of each State and Territory.
The goal of the Massapequa Plumbing and Heating is to enable the achievement of an acceptable standard of installation at all times in order to provide for:

  • public health, safety and amenity;
  • resource and environment conservation;
  • sustainability; and
  • protection of public and private infrastructure

The Massapequa Plumbing and Heating sets out performance based technical provisions for the design, construction, replacement, repair, alteration and maintenance of plumbing and drainage throughout US.
It also sets out the requirements for the use of materials in plumbing and drainage and defines the processes for the usage of materials that require statutory authorization to enable their use in plumbing and drainage services.

The Massapequa Plumbing and Heating currently incorporates provisions for:

  • Water services
  • Sanitary plumbing and drainage systems
  • Storm water drainage systems
  • Heating and air-conditioning
  • On-site wastewater management systems

Requirements in the Massapequa Plumbing and Heating extend no further than is necessary in the public interest, are cost effective, easily understood and are not needlessly onerous in their application. They also ensure that any plumbing and drainage services is fit for its intended purpose, does not have any adverse impact on the environment and can continue to function as intended without excessive maintenance.